For those who don't follow it, there's a thread on httpRange-14 / Issue-57 at the moment on the linked data mailing list. A good example message is:

where Richard says:

  Being useful trumps making semantic sense. The web succeeded *because* 
  it conflates name and address. The web of data will succeed *because* 
  it conflates a thing and a web page about the thing.

    a foaf:Document;
    dc:title "Richard Cyganiak's homepage";
    a foaf:Person;
    foaf:name "Richard Cyganiak";
    owl:sameAs <>;

I don't think that this is covered by any of the scenarios in Jonathan's document at:

In particular, I don't think the kind of 'punning' that we talked about (where different properties treat the given resource as being different kinds of thing) copes with the rdf:type property (shortened to 'a' in the Turtle) having two different values. Similarly, it's really unclear in the above example whether the owl:sameAs relates to the Person or the Document (until you find a description of <>, which of course might be a resource that is both a Document and a Person itself).


Jeni Tennison

Received on Monday, 13 June 2011 15:30:37 UTC