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"Is 303 Really Necessary?"

"tdb" and "duri" URI schemes...

ACTION-140: HTML WG consideration of conformance when HTML5 is extended by "applicable specifications"

ACTION-417: TAG draft on security

ACTION-502: RDFa and fragid semantics

Agenda for the TAG teleconference of 18 November 2010

Correction: Next TAG F2F is in February

Draft minutes of the TAG teleconference, 18th November 2010

Feedback on Internet Media Types and the Web

Fragid semantics and language conneg

Fwd: Is 303 really necessary?

Generic processing of fragment IDs in RFC 3023bis


image/svg+xml, was: Feedback on Internet Media Types and the Web

Memento Internet Draft

mime-web-info 6.1 feedback

Persistence - yes, people do forget to renew

Reviewing Momento - http://mementoweb.org/guide/rfc/ID/

TAG resolution on redirection with fragment identifiers

The TAG teleconference of 11 Nov 2010 is cancelled

What are the TAG's priorities for 2011-2012?

XML vs. the Web

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