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Bitonal raster image sizes (examples from Seattle f2f) Chris Lilley (Friday, 31 January)

Minutes SVG F2F Seattle 2014 Day 1 Erik Dahlstrom (Thursday, 30 January)

Photo of strokeBBox Dirk Schulze (Thursday, 30 January)

[svg2] tabindex and defaults Erik Dahlström (Monday, 27 January)

Float values in rgb() colour values Paul LeBeau (Monday, 27 January)

[Bug 24148] Reference the URL spec bugzilla@jessica.w3.org (Friday, 24 January)

[Bug 24148] Reference the URL spec bugzilla@jessica.w3.org (Friday, 24 January)

[svg2] Removing SVGDocument.rootElement Erik Dahlström (Friday, 24 January)

Conical gradients Paul LeBeau (Thursday, 23 January)

[compositing-1] Please review Last Call working draft Rik Cabanier (Thursday, 23 January)

fill and stroke properties with CSS <image> values Dirk Schulze (Wednesday, 22 January)

Linecaps on zero-length subpaths Paul Dicker (Tuesday, 21 January)

Cairo and ISO C++ Tavmjong Bah (Tuesday, 21 January)

Precedence of CSS rules and presentation attributes in SVG Röthig, Prof. Dr. Jürgen (Saturday, 18 January)

script tags fire in a switch element Miles Elam (Friday, 17 January)

[css-masking] SVG related reference boxes beside background boxes Dirk Schulze (Friday, 17 January)

SVG2 role and RDFa attributes Dr. Olaf Hoffmann (Friday, 17 January)

Re: agenda, 16 January 2014 SVG WG telcon Brian Birtles (Thursday, 16 January)

hasFeature() Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 16 January)

Re: Outlines for new Implementation guide documents for Core (previously WAI-ARIA), HTML 5.1, and SVG2 Brian Birtles (Thursday, 16 January)

Testing SVG fonts Stanislaw Jesmanowicz (Monday, 13 January)

Support SVG in Photoshop Fabian V. Thobe (Monday, 13 January)

SVG 2 changes Robert Longson (Friday, 10 January)

Intrinsic sizing issues Brian Birtles (Friday, 10 January)

Fwd: The (new, enhanced) viewbox property Paul LeBeau (Thursday, 9 January)

Agenda, 9 January 2014 SVG WG telcon Erik Dahlström (Wednesday, 8 January)

Removing the SVG instance tree (SVG2 issue 51) Philip Rogers (Wednesday, 8 January)

[compositing-1] Compositing and Blending Last Call Working Draft Rik Cabanier (Tuesday, 7 January)

TestTWF Seattle things to do Alan Stearns (Tuesday, 7 January)

Re: The (new, enhanced) viewbox property Dr. Olaf Hoffmann (Monday, 6 January)

Percentage on objectBoundingBox Dirk Schulze (Friday, 3 January)

Re: [svg][filter-effects][css-masking] objectBoundingBox/userSpaceOnUse in HTML Robert Longson (Thursday, 2 January)

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