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[css-compositing] blending and inline SVG

[css-compositing] new Editor's draft posted -> update

[css-compositing][css-mask] new Editor's draft posted

[css-compositing][css-masking] new Editor's draft posted

[css-compositing]new Editor's draft posted

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[filter-effects] feBlend filter

[filter-effects] feBlend filter (was: Re: [css-filters] feBlend filter)

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DOC ERROR: draft for 2 (originating in 1.1)

Feedback on variable stroke-width.

Fwd: [css-compositing]new Editor's draft posted

getCTM definition ambiguity

Handling of orient="auto" markers


minutes, 16 May 2013 SVG WG telcon

Minutes, 9 May 2013 SVG WG telcon

Query / suggestion about transforming the output of Filter Effects

Removing SVG's dependencies on CSSValue

Smooth Curves

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Stroke-miterlimit handling

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