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[css-compositing] group invariance

[css-compositing] Normal blend mode (was: some proposals)

[css-compositing] simplify Porter-DUFF (was: some proposals)

[css-compositing] some proposals

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API for Retrieving Stroke Outline?

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Emoji Unicode

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Finding SVG Coordinates of Embedded HTML Content

function-based input for <animate> (ACTION-3142)

How much background content gets blurred by feGaussianBlur

Ignoring trailing semi-colon delimiters

Input Elements, was: Re: SVG2Reqs

Minutes 17 November 2011 SVG WG telcon

minutes, 3 November 2011 FX Taskforce F2F meeting at TPAC 2011

minutes, 4 November 2011 SVG F2F meeting at TPAC 2011

New Working Draft of Requirements for Japanese Text Layout available for review

Reopening WG Disussion on SVG2 Features Font and Replicate

Request for explaining/interpreting clipping for <use> element

Revisiting SVG Fonts


Text metrics with display:none

Towards Better Anti-aliasing

TPAC discussion on tiling and layering

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