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patternContentUnits and percentage resolving in external patterns Erik Dahlstrom (Thursday, 25 February)

Specification deliverables for FX Task Force work on 2D/3D Transforms Anthony Grasso (Thursday, 25 February)

SVG tiny ROUTE 66 - Lia Arnaut (Wednesday, 24 February)

Typo in SVG 1.2 draft Christoph Schäfer (Wednesday, 24 February)

Filter on text Dirk Schulze (Tuesday, 23 February)

size of text box Immanuel Normann (Tuesday, 23 February)

linking an event event CSS Rick (Tuesday, 23 February)

Minutes, Mon 22 Feb, 2010, SVG WG telcon Anthony Grasso (Monday, 22 February)

Draw curve by giving a mathematical function (feature request) Tamás Laiszner (Sunday, 21 February)

Why are <svg> elements not SVGTransformable? Jeff Schiller (Saturday, 20 February)

css clip property Robert Longson (Tuesday, 16 February)

Agenda SVG WG telcon February 15 2010 Erik Dahlstrom (Monday, 15 February)

CSS/SVG FX taskforce telcon Erik Dahlstrom (Monday, 15 February)

feConvolve matrix bias property premultiplied or not? Jasper van de Gronde (Sunday, 14 February)

Minutes, Thu 11 Feb, 2010, SVG WG telcon Erik Dahlstrom (Thursday, 11 February)

Game Standard and Working Group Jonathan Chetwynd (Thursday, 11 February)

Questions on SVG DOM Change Propogation Patrick Dengler (Tuesday, 9 February)

z-index and clipping Aborlan (Monday, 8 February)

Feature Request: markerPaint Jeff Schiller (Monday, 8 February)

Minutes, Mon 8 Feb 2010, SVG WG Jonathan Watt (Monday, 8 February)

About animate-elem-20-t, animate-elem-21-t and animate-elem-29-t Julien Reichel (Monday, 8 February)

About animate-elem-227-t.svg Julien Reichel (Monday, 8 February)

Fwd: Additional Proposed Agenda Items for Today's (Monday's?) SVG TeleCon Dr. Olaf Hoffmann (Friday, 5 February)

Fwd: Additional Proposed Agenda Items for Today's (Monday's?) SVG TeleCon Rick (Friday, 5 February)

Minutes, 4 Feb 2010 SVG WG Chris Lilley (Thursday, 4 February)

Additional Proposed Agenda Items for Today's (Monday's?) SVG TeleCon Patrick Dengler (Thursday, 4 February)

Proposed wording for 'how object transforms affect gradient rendering output' Anthony Grasso (Thursday, 4 February)

Re: Rendering and Pointer-Events (ACTION-2372, ACTION-2358) Jon Ferraiolo (Tuesday, 2 February)

Re: Minutes, SVG WG Telcon, 25 January 2010 [ACTION-2715] Anthony Grasso (Wednesday, 3 February)

Minutes, SVG WG Telcon, 1 February 2010 Anthony Grasso (Tuesday, 2 February)

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