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1.2 precision

1.2 precision (II)

<polygon ... /> problem/bug

<polygon ... /> problem/bug =SOLUTION=

[ANN] London SVG Users Group / Call for presenters - Tuesday 9 March 2004

[ANN] Sketsa (WYSIWYG SVG Editor) 1.7 released

[ANN] SVG London Users Group Meeting 9 March

A royalty-free video format

Announcing Inkscape 0.37 Release

BIG SVG file Viewer

clarification of clamping of filter results

Clarification of coordinate system in <feImage>

Clarification of empty filter tag behavior

Expected behavior of color value

Font Asent of Text

Font metrics support in SVG 1.2


Help accessing elements of elements using the DOM

IE6 Unrecognized DOCTYPE

inkscape posted to w3.org

latest SVG RNGs

nested switch in SVGTiny

Newbie question - Grouping of objects?

Newbie question: Mathematical functions?

Online XForms Validator

Paris SVG Mongers Meeting on 25/02/2004

path and direction

path direction

Problem whith an svg example

reversing path direction (path animation)

Snapshot draft of SVG 1.2 released

SVG 1.1 paths BNF errata

SVG 1.2 and parseXML

Svg and frames

SVG checkbox

SVG Open 2004 in Japan - Call for Participation

SVG1.2 (temporal?) conditional processing

SVG1.2 Sockets !?

text lenght

Text positioning

Third release of Constraint SVG browser

value of required extension in conditional processing

video to SVG ?

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