Re: Snapshot draft of SVG 1.2 released

Hi Chris.

Chris Lilley:

Some feedback:

17.3 Typed access to attribute values

A unified way of getting the "traits" of SVG objects is a good idea.
Do you feel though that the optimisation of attribute/property names
down to indexes or "trait accessors" is worth it for performance?  I get
the impression that for users of this feature, code might look like it
is using an extra level of indirection, forcing the author to do
optimisations on the client side rather than in the implementation
itself.  Though I realise that this would make things easier for the
implementation (not having to parse attribute names all the time), I
think the general goal should be to make things easier for the users.

Also, are you sure you want to allow events listeners to be added for
trait mutations, especially when animation is involved?  I had got the
impression that SMIL animation in SVG was considered continuous and as
such it wasn't possible to have some script run on every single
animation tick.

4.1.5 The transformer element

"The transformer element is likely to be removed from the next draft of
SVG 1.2, due to the high burden on implementation and the difficulty in

A shame. :-(

Will you still be considering it for SVG 2.0 (or whatever the next SVG
will be)?

Response to feedback would be welcomed.  Though you elicit feedback to
these drafts, I noticed last time that hardly any responses from the WG
were made to the feedback given by many people.


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