Re: Snapshot draft of SVG 1.2 released


On Fri 2004-02-27 Chris Lilley wrote:
> The SVG Working Group is pleased to announce the availability of a
> snapshot draft of SVG 1.2.
> [...]
> We encourage you to look at the new RelaxNG Schema for SVG 1.2

Thanks for making this available!

Here's some feedback, some of it may be news:
differ, the latter doesn't contain a version attribute (and the former
lacks the XML prolog, but that's not very relevant) and both contain a
typo (the documents are in the null namespace). There also is an issue
with the RNG:

tobi ~/del $ wget -q
tobi ~/del $ xval simpleflow.svg
[xval] no schema found
tobi ~/del $ ed simpleflow.svg
2 s/xmlns:svg/xmlns
<svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink=""
tobi ~/del $ xval simpleflow.svg
[xval] validating simpleflow.svg against
[xval] jing:
/home/tobi/bulk/xml/schemas/svg/1_2/rng/svg-basic-structure.rng:215:30: error: "attribute" pattern must contain at most one pattern
/home/tobi/bulk/xml/schemas/svg/1_2/rng/svg-basic-structure.rng:216:30: error: "attribute" pattern must contain at most one pattern
[xval] xmllint:
/home/tobi/bulk/xml/schemas/svg/1_2/rng/svg-basic-structure.rng:213: element attribute: Relax-NG parser error : attribute has multiple children
Relax-NG schema /home/tobi/bulk/xml/schemas/svg/1_2/rng/svg12.rng failed to compile

tobi ~ $ xmllint --version
/home/tobi/bulk/run/libxml/2.6.7/bin/xmllint: using libxml version 20607
tobi ~ $ jing
Jing version 20030619


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Received on Friday, 27 February 2004 06:14:59 UTC