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On Monday, February 9, 2004, 3:58:04 PM, Panagiotis wrote:

PI> Hi,

PI> In the SVG 1.2 draft specification, there's a note in section 7.2 about
PI> a suggestion for a mandatory video format which would not require 
PI> royalty payment.

PI> I would like to suggest the VP3 video codec which is released for _any_
PI> use by On2. The VP3 codec does contain patented portions, but On2 has
PI> given the irrevocable license to use it in any way.

PI> As far as I know, this is the only advanced codec which is free for any
PI> usage without paying royalties.

Thanks for suggesting this, I am looking into it.

On the one hand, it would be very valuable; on the other hand, the VP3
website indicates that development moved to Xiph, and Xiph Theora is
incomplete and still alpha:

>> Q: Can I use Theora to encode stuff right now?

>> A: Yes, but we strongly, strongly recommend against it, for
>> anything but test-cases. This is not a full release in any sense of
>> the word, it is simply a milestone, and if you start encoding
>> things right away, there's a really good chance that it will break
>> when you try to play it with tools we release when the final
>> version is released.

PI> The Xiph project, known for its Ogg Vorbis format, had negotiated this,
PI> for usage in their own new, but VP3 based video codec. This new codec
PI> itself is not yet had its official 1.0 release yet.

PI> See: "Q: Isn't vp3 a patented
PI> technology?"
PI> And: "[VP3 Legal Terms]"

Although, VP3 is upwards compatible with Theora.
sounds a lot more 'cooked' than Theora, too.

This (rather old) news item from 2002 was still interesting
but, worryingly, was the most recent new item on

The mailing lists look to be active:

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