Announcing Inkscape 0.37 Release

A new version of Inkscape: A Cross-platform Open Source Scalable Vector Graphics Editor, 
is now available for use.  Inkscape 0.37 includes many major new 
features, numerous bug fixes, and extensive codebase cleanup.

* New functionality: boolean operations on paths, dynamic and linked
  offsets, path outlining, standalone SVG viewer, drag-and-drop,
* More convenient editing: top panel, new color widget, 256x zoom,
  snapped rotation with Ctrl everywhere, selecting within groups, lots
  of new shortcuts, and more.
* Interface and usability: saving view with the document, zoom history,
  fullscreen, hide/show all open dialogs, smarter export dialog, helpful
  statusbar, and much more.
* Inkscape internals: built with C++, brand new classes for points,
  rects, matrices, and URIs, massive cleanups.
* Last but not least: tutorial for new users, keys and mouse reference,
  Inkscape User mailing list, hassle-free Windows builds.

More Detailed Info
  Release Notes


Download From

    RPM, Debian, Windows, and source versions are available.

Please visit to learn more, join our User
Mailing List, chat with the developers, and submit your ideas for making
Inkscape the leading SVG-compliant vector graphics tool.

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Inkscape-user mailing list

Received on Friday, 20 February 2004 20:49:29 UTC