Re: Third release of Constraint SVG browser

> The third release of the SVG with constraints browser, based on Batik,
> is now available.  For those unfamiliar with the project, CSVG is an
> extension to SVG that allows attributes to be specified in terms of
> expressions to be evaluated at display time.  These simple one-way
> constraints allow a great amount of adaptivity to be built in to
> documents to account for, for example, canvas dimensions, language,
> text
> size, etc.

I really like the idea of CSVG!

And I hope that one day, the ideas will find it's way into the main spec - maybe
for SVG 2.0.

Thanks for your work!

Cameron - are you planning to present at SVG.Open in Japan?


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Received on Thursday, 26 February 2004 14:32:00 UTC