Re: Snapshot draft of SVG 1.2 released

On Fri 2004-02-27 Chris Lilley wrote:
> Yes I think it should be required for 1.2

In addition to requiring it in the spec it should be required by the

Since the svg element can not only be used as root element it might be
difficult or impossible (not sure) to require the version attribute on
the root element with RNG. Perhaps Schematron could be used, something
like the following could be embedded in the RNG (just a rough sketch):


<sch:pattern name="version_required">
  <sch:rule context="/svg:svg">
    <sch:assert test="@version = '1.2'">The root
    element must have a version attribute with
    value "1.2".</sch:assert>

<!-- ... -->

is quite helpful, also explaining how to do RNG+Schematron validation.


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