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On Thursday, February 13, 2003, 10:34:31 AM, Rui wrote:

RT> Hi,

RT> Could you suggest me one viewer tool or some other process to open a BIG SVG
RT> file. To start I'll like to view a 6Mb SVG file, but it increase to 20Mb ...

To some extent it depends on what is in the file, as well as how big
it is.

However, to take a couple of examples that I have handy: I have opened
a 6.7Mb SVG file and a 2.9 Mb SVG file that included an 11.7Mb PNG
image (33.5 Mb when uncompressed) on ASV3, ASV6, Batik, and corel 2.1.

(For Batik I had to increase the memory allocation for Java on the
command line, otherwise it ties to cram itself into 64 Mb).

It also depends on the hardware of course: This was on a PIII 800 with
384Mb ram.

RT> I've tried IE6.0 with ASV3.01 ... the progress bar grows very, very slowly
RT> ... never waitted, never saw the SVG result. :(

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