Re: Third release of Constraint SVG browser

Hi Cameron

On Fri 2004-02-27 Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Ah, ok I see what you mean now.  I guess if you really want the
> flexibility of complex expressions defining animation,

No, I want to specify the animation (eg duration plus distance) with
concise and simple code and leave the motion resolution (eg fps) to
the player, I can not know about the capabilities of the environment
in which the animation is played.

> and the expressions may take different amount of time to compute
> depending on factors in the document, then you will get different
> frame rates.  But this isn't so different from SMIL animation

It's different, there seems to be a misunderstanding.

> in, say, ASV , where animation is done as quickly as possible.  A
> frame rate isn't decided upon before the document is started.

Yes, that's one way.

> If some other process starts doing some CPU intensive activity, the
> animation resolution will go down anyway.

In your code the frame rate is set in stone, if the implementation
plays the animation with a different or variable resolution (frame
rate) then it's not doing what it was told by the code.


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