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"i18n-ISSUE-481: Inconsistent data type for temperatures

[Bug 13398] i18n-ISSUE-80: Default rules for the quotes property

[Bug 17053] [survey needed] Perhaps support KOI8-RU instead of KOI8-U

[Bug 17053] Support KOI8-RU mapping for KOI8-U

[Bug 21057] Introduce additional labels for the replacement encoding

[Bug 24129] [WebVTT] Support for bidi

[Bug 27851] Add MS932 as a label of Shift_JIS

[Bug 27868] EUC-KR and encoding-only mapping (fromUnicode)

[Bug 27878] Big5 : handling of U+5341(and potentially other dupe points) is incompatible with Firefox, Chrome and IE 11

[Bug 28141] treatment of invalid 2-byte sequence is different in different CJK encodings

[Bug 28156] Separate GBK and GB18030 even for decoding (toUnicode)

[Bug 28255] [webvtt] no provision for indicating overall content language(s) [I18N-ISSUE-420]

[Bug 28256] [webvtt] no non-ASCII examples [I18N-ISSUE-421]

[Bug 28257] [webvtt] start/end linked to left/right [I18N-ISSUE-422]

[Bug 28258] [webvtt] more formal grammar? [I18N-ISSUE-424]

[Bug 28265] [webvtt] incomplete ruby implementation [I18N-ISSUE-431]

[Bug 28266] [webvtt] 6.2.1 processing model handling of bidi [I18N-ISSUE-432]

[Bug 28661] U+2212 in shift_jis encoder

[Bug 28740] GB18030-2000 and GB18030-2005 : Decide what to do about their differences, especially PUA codepoints in GB18030-2000

[Bug 28740] GB18030-2000 vs GB18030-2005: decide on mapping for 0xA8BC

[charmod-norm] another test

[charmod-norm] conformance criteria numbering being reset

[charmod-norm] definition of grapheme

[charmod-norm] Definition of vocabulary: enumerated values

[charmod-norm] fixing typo

[charmod-norm] Is 'syntactic content' a better term than 'markup'?

[charmod-norm] markup editorial suggestions

[charmod-norm] Natural language content definition

[charmod-norm] Not necessary to limit to East Asian characters

[charmod-norm] Provide descriptions of Unicode case folding

[charmod-norm] ref to 10646 in charmod

[charmod-norm] test: please ignore

[charmod-norm] typo

[css-ruby] CSS ruby tests

[css-writing-modes] Restructuring 'text-orientation' and 'writing-mode'.

[CSSWG][css-inline] Updated WD of CSS Inline Layout

[CSSWG][css-text-4] First Public Working Draft of CSS Text Module Level 4

[minutes] Internationalization telecon 2015-07-02

[minutes] Internationalization telecon 2015-07-09

[minutes] Internationalization telecon 2015-07-16

[minutes] Internationalization telecon 2015-09-17

[w3c/charmod-norm] 37e5fd: https://github.com/w3c/charmod-norm/issues/6

[w3c/charmod-norm] 42d044: post-publication update + added process steps for ...

[w3c/charmod-norm] 64868f: reset all linebreaks back to Unix (LF) : no need t...

[w3c/charmod-norm] 7a1446: Modifed the local.css file so that the Hangul exam...

[w3c/charmod-norm] 8078d5: various typo nits

[w3c/charmod-norm] 8dfc79: post-publication editorial updates to front matter

[w3c/charmod-norm] aed43e: editorial fixes: term refs, corrupted characters, ...

[w3c/charmod-norm] ea93dc: README: editorial tidying for pre-pub instructions

Changes to the www-international mailing list

Closed: [charmod-norm] another test

Closed: [charmod-norm] definition of grapheme

Closed: [charmod-norm] Definition of vocabulary: enumerated values

Closed: [charmod-norm] markup editorial suggestions

Closed: [charmod-norm] Natural language content definition

Closed: [charmod-norm] test: please ignore

Closed: [charmod-norm] typo

Closure of tabular-data-json issues

Closure of tabular-data-model issues

Closure of tabular-data-rdf issues

Copying multi-range selection

Encoding Standard development has moved to GitHub

Fwd: FW: Publication request for a FPWD of a future Interest Group Note by the DPUB IG

i18n tests updated

I18N-ISSUE-356: [css-writing-modes] Extra > in tcy example

i18n-ISSUE-359: [css-ruby] Drop ruby-merge in favour of a specific jukugo value

i18n-ISSUE-362: [css-counter-styles] In the document language

i18n-ISSUE-391: Quotation Marks are Different in Other Languages

i18n-ISSUE-406: Single grapheme rather than letter

i18n-ISSUE-481: Inconsistent data type for temperatures

i18n-ISSUE-482: Inconsistent data type for levels

i18n-ISSUE-483: Temperature data type for Temperature

i18n-ISSUE-483: Temperature data type for Temperature Interface uses different data types

i18n-ISSUE-484: Use BCP47 instead of ISO 639-1 for identifying languages

i18n-ISSUE-485: Inconsistent use of data type for tilts and pans

i18n-ISSUE-486: Should units of speed vary in the specification

i18n-ISSUE-487: Consider adding a language tag to indicate the language of an error message

i18n-ISSUE-491: Change collapse to merge for ruby-merge

IRIs and bidirectional formatting characters

ITS issues in tracker

May HTML5 mandate interpretation of text/plain?

Minutes from WebApps + HTMLWG Editing Task Force face to face meeting

ref to 10646 in charmod

Refinement for the translate data-category?

Review instructions updated

Vertical text thread: [css-writing-modes] Propose writing-mode: sideways-left

WG: Re: language

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