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VT100, color, and HTML Walter Ian Kaye (Tuesday, 1 September)

toolbar and a new window Iztok Polanic (Monday, 31 August)

help me to close my browser window Balestra Paolo (Friday, 28 August)

include facility in html Marty Landman (Friday, 28 August)

Dewey Hard Drive/LAN/WAN Organization Scott Roberts (Tuesday, 25 August)

Suggestions for future HTML standard Jed Hunsaker (Monday, 24 August)

Problems with PUT requests olga (Monday, 24 August)

[www-html] <none> MICHON Philippe CNET/DSV/CAE (Monday, 24 August)

unsubcribe Gerry Ellison (Sunday, 23 August)

Re: newspaper-style columns David Cary (Saturday, 22 August)

Dewey Decimal Web Search Protocol Scott Roberts (Saturday, 22 August)

position: fixed ? Baris Sahin (Friday, 21 August)

RE: CSS-positioned OBJECT vs. frames -- Resizability John T. Whelan (Friday, 21 August)

OBJECT vs IFRAME (was RE: Hyperlinks in OBJECT inclusions) John T. Whelan (Friday, 21 August)

Hyperlinks in OBJECT inclusions Braden N. McDaniel (Thursday, 20 August)

unsubcribe Do, Vu Q. (Wednesday, 19 August)

www-html xie chun hua (Wednesday, 19 August)

[www-html] <none> Wendy Muir (Monday, 17 August)

Re: MusicML Murray Macdonald (Monday, 17 August)

musicML Marty Landman (Sunday, 16 August)

MusicML? Michael Hamm (Sunday, 16 August)

SCOPE, ROWSPAN and COLSPAN John T. Whelan (Saturday, 15 August)

LINK Element Confusion Bo Holloman (Saturday, 15 August)

Imagemaps and Negative Coordinates. Murray Macdonald (Friday, 14 August)

log-out or time-out with HTTP Basic/Digest authentication Tyrone Borromeo (Friday, 14 August)

log-out or time-out with HTTP Basic/Digest authentication Tyrone Borromeo (Friday, 14 August)

READONLY, DISABLED and JavaScript substitutes (was RE: Readonly Textarea) John T. Whelan (Tuesday, 11 August)

What is the maximum length an HTTP Query String can accomodate? Amit Rekhi (Tuesday, 11 August)

Readonly Textarea chip etrak (Monday, 10 August)

How to trigger HTTP requests programatically? Amit Rekhi (Monday, 10 August)

tooltips ? Henrik Lynggaard Hansen (Saturday, 8 August)

CSS usefulness and browser sniffing (was lots of other stuff) John T. Whelan (Saturday, 8 August)

How do I do post form submission processing? Amit Rekhi (Friday, 7 August)

Netscape 4.5 and CSS2?? Gustavo Niemeyer (Thursday, 6 August)

Naming documents/frames Nicholas Sydenham (Thursday, 6 August)

[www-html] <none> Ahmad R (Wednesday, 5 August)

Re: New character entities John T. Whelan (Wednesday, 5 August)

[www-html] <none> Sandro Beltraminelli (Wednesday, 5 August)

unsubsrcibe Ahmad R (Wednesday, 5 August)

[www-html] <none> Ahmad R (Wednesday, 5 August)

Allow <INPUT TYPE=image BORDER= WIDTH= HEIGHT= (Like <IMG tag) Charles A. Finnell (Tuesday, 4 August)

Allow <IMG NAME=objname ID=objname Charles A. Finnell (Tuesday, 4 August)

Regarding Prining HTML files chimbu@cdotb.ernet.in (Tuesday, 4 August)

Please! Stop crossposting Sue Jordan (Monday, 3 August)

www line-mode browser configure problem Linda Cain (Monday, 3 August)

Re: The color of inclusions via OBJECT (was RE: OBJECT, inheritance, and rendering) Simon Richter (Saturday, 1 August)

Style sheet and Netscape Joel Jancovic (Monday, 3 August)

Re: OBJECT, inheritance, and rendering David Perrell (Saturday, 1 August)

Re: Animated gifs David Cary (Saturday, 1 August)

Re: Image Map Jude Cooks (Saturday, 1 August)

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