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DOM3 XPath comments Jeni Tennison (Friday, 29 March)

RE: DOM AS and RELAX Arnold, Curt (Friday, 29 March)

Use of "unsigned" for non-enumeration values Arnold, Curt (Thursday, 28 March)

Issue Xpath-30: Reusing result sets Arnold, Curt (Thursday, 28 March)

Comments on DOM XPath Interface Michael Kay (Thursday, 28 March)

classid attribute of object element is missing in dom level 2 html Mark Hickenbottom (Thursday, 28 March)

DOM Level 3 XPath in Last Call Philippe Le Hegaret (Thursday, 28 March)

RE: Fixes needed (DOM L3 Events, CustomEvent) Arnold, Curt (Wednesday, 27 March)

Fixes needed Daniel Cazzulino (Tuesday, 26 March)

Browser Object Model mikael.staldal-ingen-reklam@home.se (Wednesday, 20 March)

Re: DOM2-HTML: HTMLTableElement Philippe Le Hegaret (Friday, 22 March)

Re: DOM2-HTML: HTMLSelectElement.add Philippe Le Hegaret (Friday, 22 March)

Please use the 'To' field and not the 'CC' field for the www-dom email address urs muff (Friday, 22 March)

SVG WG is asking for feedback - event propagation Thierry Kormann (Friday, 22 March)

cloneNode() and events M.Hompus@gac.nl (Wednesday, 20 March)

OT: RE: Turbo Pascal YACC Allen, Michael B (RSCH) (Wednesday, 20 March)

Turbo Pascal YACC Hendra Hermawan (Wednesday, 20 March)

Using addEventListener to call function when document loads Jonathan Watt (Wednesday, 20 March)

Issue lookupNamespaceURIAlgo-1 - proposed solution Stefan Wachter (Saturday, 2 March)

Comments and questions on text node interface Stefan Wachter (Friday, 1 March)

New to XSLT, XML, DOM etc.??? Ketan Malekar (Tuesday, 12 March)

Importing documents Liorean (Monday, 11 March)

Minutes 20020306 Teleconference Rob Relyea (Wednesday, 6 March)

conference call - will be back on in 5 minutes. Rob Relyea (Wednesday, 6 March)

[www-dom] <none> John Merrells (Tuesday, 5 March)

XML Schemas as AS Object Model Peter Seiderer (Saturday, 2 March)

click event (location and pinter move) iztok jeras (Friday, 1 March)

DOM L3 LS: Using PI to represent XML declaration Curt Arnold (Tuesday, 26 February)

pseudoElt argument to getComputedStyle() Boris Zbarsky (Tuesday, 26 February)

DOM Level 3 Loading -- node filtering Fred L. Drake, Jr. (Tuesday, 26 February)

RE: Proposal for java-language-binding: use of collections framew ork Champion, Mike (Monday, 25 February)

AS - ASContentModel - constant AS_UNDEFINED not necessary Stefan Wachter (Sunday, 24 February)

AS - AttributeDecl - representation of enumeration constraint Stefan Wachter (Sunday, 24 February)

Proposal for java-language-binding: use of collections framework Stefan Wachter (Sunday, 24 February)

Proposal: creation methods also at element nodes Stefan Wachter (Sunday, 24 February)

Processing XML with Java: The DOM Chapters Elliotte Rusty Harold (Monday, 25 February)

How to create usable document fragments? Christopher Birkett (Thursday, 21 February)

More DOM XPath comments Jonas Sicking (Thursday, 21 February)

Re: setNodeValue tests Curt Arnold (Thursday, 21 February)

DOM 3 Load/Save & Notations Fred L. Drake, Jr. (Wednesday, 20 February)

Comments on DOM Level 3 Load/Save Fred L. Drake, Jr. (Wednesday, 20 February)

RE: DOMString Character Encoding Allen, Michael B (RSCH) (Tuesday, 19 February)

Detecting MathML, etc, support using DOM Zoltan Hawryluk (Tuesday, 19 February)

CSS Object Model : Call for Feedback and Suggestions Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 19 February)

DOM L2 javadoc bug Rahul Srivastava (Monday, 18 February)

addEventHandler('load', handler, false) Jonathan Watt (Monday, 18 February)

DOMString Character Encoding [was RE: C++ binding] Allen, Michael B (RSCH) (Monday, 18 February)

DOM L3 XPath: Multiple matching nodes when number, string or boolean type Curt Arnold (Sunday, 17 February)

Using xerces with Unicode Aniruddha Shevade (Saturday, 16 February)

Comments on DOM XPath WD Arnold, Curt (Friday, 15 February)

XPathResult singleNodeValue Elliotte Rusty Harold (Friday, 15 February)

[Announcement] First version of W3C DOM Level 1 Core Conformance Test Suite released Dimitris Dimitriadis (Thursday, 14 February)

[www-dom] <none> In, Jae Woo (Thursday, 14 February)

Attr nodes Mark Hellegers (Thursday, 14 February)

DOMInputSource.inputStream in L3 Load/Save problematic (at least for COM) Arnold, Curt (Thursday, 14 February)

C++ binding Andre Boehlke (Wednesday, 13 February)

Checked attribute definition John Keiser (Wednesday, 13 February)

ASDOMBuilder issues Elliotte Rusty Harold (Tuesday, 12 February)

Missing node to createNSResolver Jonas Sicking (Tuesday, 12 February)

Re: PIs in the prolog Goble, David (Monday, 11 February)

Node::prefix modification Glenn Adams (Monday, 11 February)

getElementsByName Jonathan Watt (Monday, 11 February)

RE: src attribute of IFRAME and FRAME Benjamin D. Gray (Monday, 11 February)

Re: DOM HTML select.options.length should be read/write Philippe Le Hegaret (Monday, 11 February)

Re: DOM Level 2 HTML in Last Call Philippe Le Hegaret (Monday, 11 February)

Re: HTMLFormElement submit Method Philippe Le Hegaret (Monday, 11 February)

Re: src attribute of IFRAME and FRAME Philippe Le Hegaret (Monday, 11 February)

[General] Entity issue Dimitris Dimitriadis (Monday, 11 February)

Readonly question Mark Hellegers (Monday, 11 February)

Comments on DOM Load and Save Curt Arnold (Monday, 11 February)

dom tutorial alex (Sunday, 10 February)

ECMA bindings for XPathNSResolver Jonas Sicking (Saturday, 9 February)

LS: DOMWriter DOM Level 1 vs DOM Level 2 Nodes Glenn Adams (Saturday, 9 February)

LS: DOMWriter Serialization Rules an XML C14N Glenn Adams (Saturday, 9 February)

LS: DOMBuilder namespace-declarations feature Glenn Adams (Saturday, 9 February)

Comments on XPath DOM Jonas Sicking (Saturday, 9 February)

accessing frame element? alex (Friday, 8 February)

DOM Level 3 XPath updated Philippe Le Hegaret (Friday, 8 February)

DOM Level 3 Events updated Philippe Le Hegaret (Friday, 8 February)

Undefined XML DOM Level 2 core 'Element.getAttribute' Behaviour Gerald Huck (Friday, 8 February)

getElementsByTagName() on Mozilla Arnold, Curt (Thursday, 7 February)

Regarding load method. Santosh Moholkar (Thursday, 7 February)

RE: getElementsByTagName() in Mozilla HTML implementation Curt Arnold (Wednesday, 6 February)

getElementsByTagName() continued Curt Arnold (Wednesday, 6 February)

getElementsByTagNameNS("*",) should be clarified in DOM L3 Core Curt Arnold (Wednesday, 6 February)

Feature name problems in DOMWriter Elliotte Rusty Harold (Wednesday, 6 February)

DOMWriter is missing an attribute for DOMWriterFilter Elliotte Rusty Harold (Wednesday, 6 February)

Description of whatToShow in DOMWriteFilter is unclear Elliotte Rusty Harold (Wednesday, 6 February)

Tree Position Ryan Trudelle-Schwarz (Friday, 1 February)

ISSUE: DOM Level 3 Events module makes mandatory DOM Level 3 Core Thierry Kormann (Tuesday, 5 February)

HTMLdocument.getElementsByName() behaviour grey area Rowland Shaw (Monday, 4 February)

Could SVG 1.1 use DOM's XML representation for interfaces? Curt Arnold (Friday, 1 February)

Feature suggestion: Hook property on Node Ronald Bourret (Wednesday, 30 January)

when nodevalue = null? monica.visani@it.abb.com (Tuesday, 29 January)

indexOf in DOM Core L3 Jonas Sicking (Tuesday, 29 January)

Re Determining Browser Media Type Programatically Philippe Le Hegaret (Monday, 28 January)

Document Object Model (DOM) Open Issues List Philippe Le Hegaret (Monday, 28 January)

testing alex (Monday, 28 January)

Re: HTMLInputElement, type attribute (errata?) Neusser, Marco (Thursday, 24 January)

Supporting sequential access and/or mixed processing models Clark C . Evans (Sunday, 27 January)

feature string for Load-Save Elliotte Rusty Harold (Friday, 25 January)

Proposal: processing-instructions normalization feature for Document Elliotte Rusty Harold (Wednesday, 23 January)

RE: Fwd: Re: ISSUE: clientX and clientY coordinates in DOM MouseE vents Arnold, Curt (Tuesday, 22 January)

DOM Level 2 Last Call pending open issues Philippe Le Hegaret (Tuesday, 22 January)

About MSXML4 Santosh Moholkar (Tuesday, 22 January)

Fwd: Re: ISSUE: clientX and clientY coordinates in DOM MouseEvents Thierry Kormann (Friday, 11 January)

Parsing an XML from a String Ravi Kiran (Thursday, 17 January)

method to return only the specificied child elements? Paul Ekeland (Monday, 21 January)

how to implement interfaces? alex (Monday, 21 January)

split-cdata-sections false Elliotte Rusty Harold (Sunday, 20 January)

Double Indirection in DOMImplementationRegistry Elliotte Rusty Harold (Sunday, 20 January)

TreeWalker detach() Elliotte Rusty Harold (Friday, 18 January)

FYI: eventListenerList progress Philippe Le Hegaret (Friday, 18 January)

Link between DOM Core and DOM AS Martin Tapp (Friday, 18 January)

HTML WG Last Call Remarks to DOM 2 HTML Steven Pemberton (Friday, 18 January)

documentType, version, encoding and standalone huichunwu@netscape.net (Thursday, 17 January)

Updates Philippe Le Hegaret (Thursday, 17 January)

DOMInputSource vs. DOMInputStream Elliotte Rusty Harold (Wednesday, 16 January)

Wording of ASOM Rick Jelliffe (Wednesday, 16 January)

RE: setting document root element Garret Wilson (Tuesday, 15 January)

sorting ? alex (Tuesday, 15 January)

ANN: TclDOM v2.0theta Steve Ball (Tuesday, 15 January)

Comment from CSS WG on HTML DOM draft Bert Bos (Monday, 14 January)

[www-dom] <none> mmmmmm (Monday, 14 January)

ISSUE: clientX and clientY coordinates in DOM MouseEvents Thierry Kormann (Friday, 11 January)

Re: ISSUE: clientX and clientY coordinates in DOM MouseEvents Chris Lilley (Friday, 11 January)

JVM interference with Xerces :System hangs Andrew Anand (Wednesday, 9 January)

LS - DocumentLS Java Binding Satishkumar (Friday, 21 December)

Comments for WD-DOM-Level-2-HTML-20011210 Susan Lesch (Tuesday, 8 January)

DOCTYPE specified but DTD not available Sudhir Parikh (Friday, 4 January)

[www-dom] <none> Carter, Simon (Wednesday, 2 January)

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