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[closed] No W3C license statement on cwm home page

[closed] Re: Small cwm patch: fixing embedded RDF

[closed] Re: Typo in CWM builtins web page?

[Fwd: Atom 2 RDF]

[w3photo] a comment on one of Greg's observations

[w3photo] Group Update IRC March 2?

[w3photo] image and image region vocabulary (proposal)

[w3photo] image regions vocab update

[w3photo] Optional IRC Thursday 4PM GMT

[w3photo] RDF and ID's

[w3photo] Re: w3photo vocabulary

[w3photo] reminder - repository QA chat at 4PM GMT

[w3photo] Repository Snag 1 - contribution workflow

[w3photo] Repository Snag 2 - Fotonotes XML -> RDF

[w3photo] Repository Snag 3 - Need screen shot w3photo.org

[w3photo] Schedule an IRC chat re: Default Repository?

[w3photo] To PopUp or Not to PopUp

[w3photo] update

[w3photo] w3photo vocabulary

amaya won't start due to font problems (strace attached)

Bizer Carroll work for SWIG

Bizer/Carroll talk SWIG

cant produces different but equivalent graphs

Comments on "Architecture of the World Wide Web, First Edition"

Comments on Architecture of the World Wide Web, First Edition

crypto, n3String rotten?

CWM - RFE - Sandbox version for public servers and untrusted rules


draft of TP talk

Erratum regarding DOM Level 2 HTML

euler trace of Graham's :maxTemperature and :meanValue test cases



having fun with pellet and iCalendar schema

Issue with mangled Japanese names in XML binbliographic entries

N3 bugs todo list apple ical screenshot

Named Graphs

Named graphs etc

OWL Working group

Patch to make MoinMoin 1.1 (more) HTML Valid


string: cases

SWIG agenda at plenary?


TriX talk SWIG

Use of www-archive

Whither operations?

WS Choreography Model Overview diagarms - Visio

WS Choreography Model Overview Diagrams - pdf

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