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[Fwd: initial email interaction mode]

[Fwd: SIG meeting]

[Fwd: SIG2 Amsterdam meeting - summary]

[Fwd: Use case chair summary]

[Fwd: Use Case: Content Interoperability]

[Fwd: W3C Web Ontology WG: Content Interoperability Use Case discussion]

[Fwd: W3C Web Ontology WG: Content Interoperability Use Casediscussion]

[Fwd: WebOnt General Requirements Subgroup - Initial E-mail]

A copy of Sergey's datatypes document

AppleScript Studio OSA Compatibility

Archive Copy of EARL 1.0 Spec. Draft

COLLECT: area summary version 14 Dec

communications & inconsistencies [was: Re: Clarification: TAG Election Results Announced to Members and Public on 11 December 2001]

copy of new rdf mt draft

Cryptography In CWM: Hashes

CWM Strings Suggestion

CWM: Mathematical Built-Ins

EARL 1.0: trying it with hypertext instead of reification

Example Output From RDFS To XHTML

Found: Cite Sources! Dispell FUD!

General Requirements Subgroup

HTTP PUT Stuff In Python

initial email interaction mode

Input from Enrico Motta

INTEROP: updating of use cases?

ISSUES: DAML+OIL issues/experience/changes

llyn RuntimeError: Already in store but bindings new?

llyn.py Bug

llyn.py Content Sniffing Problem Patch

Mailing List

Minus signs in ids -- n3.bnf

N3 lists and log:entails

New member of General Requirements subgroup

para 196

Please do not use javascript for your redirect

primer folder access

PRIMER: (was: Aaron and Sean's short outline)

PRIMER: Aaron and Sean's short outline

PRIMER: Conference IRC Log

PRIMER: Simple Introduction

Proof Example

RDF Namespaces, Fragments, And MIME Types

RDF Storage Systems

resource ambiguities

review of XML in 10 points (done)

review of XML in 10 points [was: AGENDA...]


Ruby RDF 3rd cut

Ruby-RDF 4th cut (w/ basic NTriples support)

RubyRDF 2nd cut

RubyRDF first cut

Scribe log for 13 December 2001 teleconference meeting

semantics for SWOL : initial message

Services: update Use Case Document

Solicitation: Call for Use Case for a Web Ontology Language within Web Services

Taguri.org Misinformation

Temperature Conversion In N3

Test message

testing of www-archive (as opposed to web-archive)

The Problem with Fragments

UPDATE: datatypes

UPDATE: initial message concerning syntax

UPDATE: new, combined document for SWOL

Updated SOAP Protocol Binding Framework

Use Cases Web Services

W3C Web Ontology WG: Content Interoperability Use Case discussion

W3C Web Ontology WG: Content Interoperability Use Casediscussion

Web Ont Requirements Clarification Questions

WebOnt General Requirements Subgroup - Initial E-mail

WebOnt Requirements - I18N

WebOnt Requirements - Next Steps

WebOnt Requirements - Preliminary Results of Poll

WebOnt Requirements - Report to Working Group

WebOnt Requirements - Summary

WebOnt Requirements for Web Services

WIP: p3p RDF Schema

WIP: rdf schema for p3p

WOLREQS: Draft requirements document

WOLREQS: R3. Ontology Evolution

WOW-GRS: scalability


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