CWM Strings Suggestion


Although the new --strings command line flag produces some marvellous
results, I'm not sure that the method of arranging the subjects
alphabetically by URI is the best possible way of going about it. The
alternative would be to define a list:-

   :FirstResult log:outputString "C" .
   :AnotherResult log:outputString "W" .
   :ThirdResult log:outputString "M" .
   (:FirstResult :AnotherResult :ThirdResult) a log:OutputList .

I know that it would mean extra code simply for architectural
stability, and a change to existing N3 transforms (I've already done
two), but it would be better to change it now than later :-) I
certainly wouldn't mind changing my existing instances, even if it
does mean adding a bit more data to them.


Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer
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Received on Saturday, 8 December 2001 08:58:47 UTC