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RE: WebOnt General Requirements Subgroup - Initial E-mail

From: Pat Hayes <phayes@ai.uwf.edu>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 14:09:50 -0600
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>Justifications of Ns & ?s
>N> data persistence
>N> security
>N> xml interfaces
>?> internationalization
>are part of the metadata layer of semantic web architecture (RDF), not part
>of the ontology layer.

I fail to follow this distinction. (I know it is taken from the 
'layer cake' slide. I fail to follow it there as well.) RDF, for 
example, is surely a (simple) ontology language. Do y'all have some 
idea that metadata is somehow distinct from , and more primitive 
than, ontology? (?? In what sense?)

>RDF might not offer adequate answers yet but the
>problems should be fixed there.

Maybe xml and internationalization (maybe), but I don't see any way 
to isolate security and data persistence issues from the ontology 
'layer', wherever that happens to be.

>There may be internationalization issues that are part of the ontology
>layer; but most i18n is in the metadata layer.
>N> ontology-based search
>N> ontology querying
>I think these are later work. I would expect standardization of metadata
>layer query to precede that of ontology layer query. There is no sign of
>metadata layer query standardization so I think WOW-G should duck ontology
>query standardization.
>"If you want friendly get a dog"
>The language is for machine to machine communication. Friendliness is for
>apps on top of it.

I tend to agree with that sentiment, though I doubt if it will fly 
with the DOH (ontology equivalent of DPH)


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