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[XAG change request] Add section about relationship to other guidelines

[XAG Change request] Applicability of XAG

[XAG change request] Edit problem statement

[XAG clarification] "accessible modules" in 1.3

[XAG clarification] 2.9 - can modules be re-used except as intended?

[XAG clarification] difference between 4.10 and 3.2

[XAG clarification] difference between 4.2 and 1.3

[XAG] merge 1.1 and 1.2?

[XML 1.1] Allowable element names

Definition: Media equivalents

Definition: Real-time (process)

Definition: time-dependent presentation

Definitions: impairment, disability and handicap

feature request.

New draft of XML accessibility Guidelines

Structuring XSLT for presentation Re: FW: feature request.

XAG point 4.10 and 3.2

XAG point 4.10 and 3.2 (more)

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