Re: [XAG clarification] difference between 4.2 and 1.3


I think these are fairly different things. Checkpoint 1.3 means that rather
than making up a new kind of markup for doing something, schema authors
should use things that are accessible methods. This topic  is being followed
up already in another thread on this list [1]

Checkpoint 4.2 is requiring that from a given document there is a way of
finding the schema. The rationale for this is to allow for validation of a
document, and also because we expect the schema to have documentation that
would allow an author or user to get more information about what kind of
element something is - what does it mean, what is it for, what kind of
content can it have, etc.




On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

  This question is forwarded with permission from Astrid Callista

    Isn't (checkpoint 4.2 [1]) the same as checkpoint 1.3 [2] mentioned above?
    If not, where lies the difference?

  [1] - "4.2 Provide a
  machine-understandable means/mechanism to get from a document instance to the

  [2] - "1.3 Reuse existing
  accessibility modules to indicate alternative-equivalent associations."

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