Definition: Real-time (process)

Taken from The Daisy Consortium Glossary

Glossary of digital and analogue audio terminology (Dec. 23, 1999)

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Real-time (process) [WCAG20] 06-20-2002 The Daisy Consortium 
This term is often written as "realtime" or "real-time". The expression
indicates that a process is happening "live", i.e. at the same time as
something else. For example, with some audio CoDecs, it is possible to
"compress in real time", which in this case can indicate that the
digital audio data compression is performed by the computer at the same
time as the digitisation and data storing is talking place. To be a true
real time process, it must be possible to do the work as fast as – or
preferable faster – than the rate at which input data is coming in. If
the real time process can not keep up with the tempo of "real life", it
is no longer a real-time process.

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