RE: [XAG Change request] Applicability of XAG

I am arguing deliberately that we should lose the statement "that group are
not a target". I believe that all XML languages should conform to XAG,
including processing-oriented languages such as RDF and XSLT, generally
useful languages such as SVG or XHTML, and that it should address very
device-oriented languages such as XSL-FO or SSML.

I think this is contrary to what you are suggesting?

Actually I think that it is possible to make meaningful tests against XAG for
things like XSLT and RDF, as well as SVG and MathML. The hard parts are
dealing with representing them to end users, or authors, and working out how
to deal with very presentation-specific languages. I have a proposal



On Tue, 18 Jun 2002 wrote:

  > CMN-old
  >   > I would like to propose that we remove the section XML
  >   > Grammars, and The
  >   > Scope Of XAG.
  > DP
  >   With the implication that applicability replace scope?
  > CMN
  > Yes
  > CMN-old
  >   > Applicability.
  >   >
  >   > In principle, every checkpoint in these guidelines should be
  >   > met by all XML
  >   > applications. In some cases, particular checkpoints will be
  >   > "Not Applicable".
  >   > For example, XSLT [ref] specifies transformations, and
  >   > doesn't normally ahve
  >   > a visual representation.
  > DP
  >   Which implies that if an instance or class of document doesn't have
  >   a visual representation XAG is inapplicable?
  > CMN
  > No - there are checkpoints that don't apply and checkpoints
  > that do - whether
  > something is oriented towards representation for a user or not isn't a
  > criteria for whether it should meet XAG as a whole, only for
  > what it does
  > with regard to individual checkpoints.

  I think that's what we have lost. We expressed it in terms that
  (probably unclearly) said 'this group are a target', 'that group
  aren't a target'.  I think with your modification, we have lost
  some of that. I'm not sure I like losing that part of XAG.

  Regards DaveP


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