Re: [XAG clarification] 2.9 - can modules be re-used except as intended?

As mentioned in the thread at I think that
checkpoint 2.9 should be merged with checkpoint 1.3

The checkpoint is meant to ensure that re-used schemas can be relied on when
interpreted consistently. Since we are expecting schema re-use, through
checkpoint 1.3, this becomes important.



On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

  This question is forwarded with permission from Astrid Callista:

    What does (checkpoint 2.9 [1]) mean? Reusing modules as originally
    specified or intended. Are there other ways to use it? Looking at the
    example, I understand it as using the two audio files in their original
    bitrate (namely 56000 and 28800). But this is SMIL, of which I
    unfortunately don't have enough knowledge. How does this point affect XML?

  [1] - "2.9 Reuse accessible
  modules from schema as originally specified / intended."

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