[XAG Change request] Applicability of XAG


I would like to propose that we remove the section XML Grammars, and The
Scope Of XAG.

Instead I would like to propose the following text:


In principle, every checkpoint in these guidelines should be met by all XML
applications. In some cases, particular checkpoints will be "Not Applicable".
For example, XSLT [ref] specifies transformations, and doesn't normally ahve
a visual representation. One could claim that

  2.5 Provide for a full containment model with chunks of reasonable size.


  3.5 Allow for user control of interaction timing - rate of change, external
       events triggering document changes, etc.

Do not apply. On the other hand, Checkpoints such as

  4.3 Provide explicit human readable definitions for markup semantics.


  4.1 Ensure human-readable documentation conforms to WCAG double A.

can clearly be applied to XSLT.

[[Note: It is an open question whether there should be a way to represent
XSLT to authors. If so, then checkpoints dealing with constructing an
outline, providing multi-modal presentations, etc., probably do apply]]



Received on Monday, 17 June 2002 08:39:18 UTC