Re: Definitions: impairment, disability and handicap


Where does the WAI currently define these?  I've not found anything in the 
glossaries of the expected places (ATAG, WCAG, UAAG, "How PWD Use the Web").


At 08:08 AM 6/20/02, Ian B. Jacobs wrote:
>Katie Haritos-Shea wrote:
>>As discussed back in Nov 2001 by Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo, and
>>Lisa Seeman.........I also feel that we should be using the World Health
>>Organization's definitions for these terms.
>>I will be including them in the WAI Glossary as such, unless further
>>discussion warrants a change.
>Hi Katie,
>We discussed these definitions a long time ago in the UAWG
>and I think the WAI CG preferred that we not use them in
>the WAI Guidelines. This was discussed by the WAI CG
>in December 1999, and I believe that it was preferred
>that we keep the WAI definitions.
>You might want to get the WAI CG to re-issue their
>  - Ian
>>As defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)
>>1.  impairment refers to an abnormality of body structure, appearance, 
>>organ and system
>>(Impairments are problems in body function or structure such as a
>>significant deviation or loss)
>>2. disability is the consequence of an impairment in functional 
>>performance and
>>3. handicap is the consequence which is reflected in interaction with, and
>>adaptation to, the surroundings
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