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>I have (yet another) a question concerning point 4.10 and 3.2 in the XAG (
>They both look similar to one another.
>Point 3.2 : Define navigable structures that allow discrete, sequential, structured and search navigation functionalities.
>Point 4.10: Document navigable structures. Describe how discrete, sequential, structured and search navigation mechanisms should work.
>Here's how I understand it:
>3.2 implies that the author defines those navigable structures (perhaps by explaining in the documentation the possibilities certain elements have in making navigation possible) and 4.10 makes sure that whatever is defined is also described. Both sounds very much the same to me.
>Have I (yet again) misunderstand? Can anyone explain it to me?

Misunderstood, but only a little.

In 3.2 it does not assume that the navigation functions have been documented.
That is why we come back and say that in 4.10.

In 3.2, all it says is that the markup should create the structures that the 
navigation functions (explained under the 4.10 "export semantics" documentation)
operate on.

A named anchor is an example of satisfying 3.2, hyperlink navigation using a 
#fragment URI-reference is a navigation method (direct navigation) that operates
on this structural feature within the document instance.

A MAP wrapping a navigation bar is an example of satisfying 3.2; an 'escape' 
operation that is defined for any MAP element is an example of a navigation 
function that operates on this structure.

See the 'escape' provisions in the standard talking book


>Thank you. 
>Astrid Callista

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