Re: XAG point 4.10 and 3.2

Well, I think that you have sort of understood it like we meant it. By
defining navigable structures I think we mean that there should be structure
within the XML that is suitable for navigation - IDs on the appropriate
elements (perhaps even required), the right kind of containers, etc.

4.10 does mean describe those things. It would be nice to have a
machine-readable way of doing that, but we don't have anything yet.



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  I have (yet another) a question concerning point 4.10 and 3.2 in the XAG (
  They both look similar to one another.

  Point 3.2 : Define navigable structures that allow discrete, sequential,
  structured and search navigation functionalities.

  Point 4.10: Document navigable structures. Describe how discrete,
  sequential, structured and search navigation mechanisms should work.

  Here's how I understand it: 3.2 implies that the author defines those
  navigable structures (perhaps by explaining in the documentation the
  possibilities certain elements have in making navigation possible) and
  4.10 makes sure that whatever is defined is also described. Both sounds
  very much the same to me.

  Have I (yet again) misunderstand? Can anyone explain it to me?
  Thank you.


  Astrid Callista


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