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Agenda, 2009-09-01 Bob Freund (Sunday, 30 August)

Action 89, Issue-6533 Include all safe operations in all specs Yves Lafon (Friday, 28 August)

Minutes of 2009-08-25 Posted Bob Freund (Wednesday, 26 August)

Fw: logistics for Hursley Paul Nolan (Tuesday, 25 August)

7235 - additional text for the proposal Doug Davis (Tuesday, 25 August)

Issue 7270 - All: URI Comparison Ram Jeyaraman (Tuesday, 25 August)

Issue 7235 - Don't steal other's namespace Ram Jeyaraman (Tuesday, 25 August)

Proposal for Issue 6700 Li, Li (Li) (Tuesday, 25 August)

6411: proposal Doug Davis (Tuesday, 25 August)

Agenda 2009-08-25 Bob Freund (Tuesday, 25 August)

issue 6401/6661: combined proposal Gilbert Pilz (Monday, 24 August)

test - pls ignore Jeff Mischkinsky (Saturday, 22 August)

Issue 7160 - Eventing:check 2119 terms Ram Jeyaraman (Thursday, 20 August)

logistics for Hursley? Gilbert Pilz (Wednesday, 19 August)

Draft Minutes from 2009-08-18 have ben osted Bob Freund (Wednesday, 19 August)

7191 - recommended Doug Davis (Tuesday, 18 August)

7196 - recommended Doug Davis (Tuesday, 18 August)

7195 - recommended Doug Davis (Tuesday, 18 August)

7193 - recommended Doug Davis (Tuesday, 18 August)

7206 minor update Doug Davis (Tuesday, 18 August)

proposal for issue 6533 Yves Lafon (Tuesday, 18 August)

RE: new snapshots Ram Jeyaraman (Tuesday, 18 August)

Agenda, WS-RA 2009-08-18 Bob Freund (Tuesday, 18 August)

AI 96/Issue 7206: addition to generic extensibility section that advises on the use of response extensions Gilbert Pilz (Monday, 10 August)

Policy durections ashok malhotra (Monday, 10 August)

Telecom canceled Bob Freund (Saturday, 8 August)

Draft minutes from 2009-08-04/06 face to face have been posted Bob Freund (Friday, 7 August)

Response to Issue 6917 - WS-Eventing: Performance Flaw David Snelling (Thursday, 6 August)

Agenda, WS-RA 2009-08-06 Bob Freund (Thursday, 6 August)

Fw: WWW/2002/ws/ra/edcopies wseventing.html,1.70,1.71 wseventing.xml,1.61,1.62 Doug Davis (Wednesday, 5 August)

Draft minutes from 2009-08-04 have been posted Bob Freund (Wednesday, 5 August)

WSRA Agenda 2009-08-05 (continuation) note suggested re-ordering Bob Freund (Wednesday, 5 August)

Liaison from OASIS Web Services Discovery and Devices Profile Technical Committee to W3C Web Services Resources Access Working Committee Toby Nixon (Monday, 3 August)

FW: [Bug 6432] Eventing: Push delivery mode does not work when the subscriber is not addressable Ram Jeyaraman (Tuesday, 4 August)

issue 6401 - an outline of a proposal Doug Davis (Tuesday, 4 August)

F2F Dinner on Wednesday night Geoff Bullen (Monday, 3 August)

Revised Agenda, 2009-08-04/06 F2F with new issues listed Bob Freund (Monday, 3 August)

Re: Issue 6917: preliminary proposal for Event Tags; tag values Li, Li (Li) (Monday, 3 August)

Preliminary Agenda 2009-08-04/06 face to face Bob Freund (Monday, 3 August)

Draft minutes of 2009-07-28 have been updated to reflect corrections Bob Freund (Monday, 3 August)

New snapshots are available Bob Freund (Monday, 3 August)

first draft of ws-frag spec Doug Davis (Sunday, 2 August)

RE: issue 6401 - Concrete proposal of using Notification WSDL Doug Davis (Saturday, 1 August)

Re: Issue 6917: preliminary proposal for Event Tags; filtering Doug Davis (Saturday, 1 August)

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