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Here are my review comments on the latest drafts of WS-Transfer, WS-Enumeration, and WS-Eventing. I am yet to review MEX and RT. Thanks.


Should the specification use WS-Fragment or WS-Fragments?

The change is highlighted in red.

[Body] /wst:Delete@Dialect=""

The WS-Fragment [WS-Fragments]<> specification defines this dialect URI. Use of this URI indicates that the contents of the Get element MUST be processed as specified by the WS-Fragment [WS-Fragments]<> specification.
The above  comment applies for the descriptions of the following attributes as well.

[Body] /wst:Put@Dialect=
[Body] /wst:Create@Dialect=


The phrase "returning the EnumerateResponse. message." has a extra full stop after EnumerateResponse.


Looks good.

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and the diffs from the june snapshots:


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