WSRA Agenda 2009-08-05 (continuation) note suggested re-ordering

Face to face meeting
Location: Bellevue, WA Hosted by Microsoft
Location Logistics:
Meeting Time:
Each day will begin at 09:00 PDT and will continue to 17:00 PDT (UTC+8)

Dial-in and IRC according to usual practice[5]

Note that "*" preceding an issue is chair's suggestion of priority  
"#" ought to be quickly closable (But the chair is often surprised)
Items marked "X" in the chair's opinion need seasoning
a digit leading indicates the chair's proposed order of discussion

Topic: Opening
Approval of this Agenda

Topic: New Issues

Topic: Issues with proposals


-Issue-7192 Enumeration is confusing on large items 
-Issue-7193 Enumeration: check 2119 terms 

15-Issue-7015 Transfer: Separation of Verb and Content 
-Issue-7191 Transfer: check 2119 terms 

-Issue-7196 RT: check 2119 terms 

11-Issue-6411 MEX: no way to create metadata 
-Issue-7194 MEX: how to compare Dialect URIs 
-Issue-7195 MEX: 2119 terms 

X-Issue-6401 WS-Eventing Notifications violates WS-I BP 
  -Davis (Action-76)
1-Issue-6432 Eventing Push delivery mode does not work when the  
subscriber is not addressable
2-Issue-6724 Eventing: define resource representation 
3-Issue-7159 Eventing lies about sending faults 
-Issue-7160 Eventing: check 2119 terms 
5-Issue-7204 Eventing: Delivery policy for delivery mode extension  
(6692-a) -Li
6-Issue-7205 Eventing: Fault behavior for delivery element (6692-b) 
7-Issue-7206 Eventing: Extension negotiation behavior of Delivery  
(6692-c) -Li
8-Issue-7207 Eventing: Use the work of "Push" (6692-d) 

-Issue-7197 Frag: check 2119 terms 


Topic: Issues for general discussion


-Issue-6422 RT - Introduces An Ad Hoc Boxcarring Mechanism 
-Issue-6575 RT - Fragment Put should allow computed values 
-Issue-6634 RT - Document algorithm for modify 
-Issue-6635 RT - Outer resource with individually addressable inner  
resources -Bullen
-Issue-6636 RT - Add example of resource after the create 

-Issue-6435 Eventing needs state table to fully describe protocol 
9-Issue-6642 Eventing does not describe how to advertise policy for  
Subscription Manager 
id=6642 -Pilz
4-Issue-6917 Eventing: Performance Flaw 
  -Li (Action-66)


X-Issue-6463 MEX-Attaching Policy to WS-Mex GetMetadata 
  -Warr (Katy's return)
12-Issue-6679 MEX's stance towards metadata scope and semantics needs  
clarification -Pilz

-Issue-6436 WS-Enumeration needs state table to fully describe  
protocol -Pilz



Issues needing owners
-Issue-6701 Enumeration: Create Infoset description
-Issue-6702 MEX: Create Infoset description
-Issue-6703 RT: Create Infoset description
-Issue-6704 Transfer: Create Infoset description


Needing Proposals prior to Discussion:
-Issue-6533 Transfer: Safeness of operations 
  -Lafon (Action-45)
-Issue-6691 WS-T/RT - Reconcile faults 
  -Warr (Action-51)
10-Issue-6694 All: Which specifications have implicit operations? 
  -Davis (Action-87)
-Issue-7013 Transfer: Partial PUT and Versioning 
  -Lafon (Action-67)
13-Issue-7068 Transfer: what's the schema of the resource 
  -Davis (Action-85)

-Issue-6403 Enumeration - define policy 
  -Davis (Action-60) -Bullen

-Issue-6549 RT - Create focused on resource fragments 
-Issue-6550 RT - Support for XSLT and XQuery in PUT 
  -Bullen (Action-11)
-Issue-6552 RT - Lifecycle metadata for Create 
  -Bullen (Action-12)
-Issue-6576 RT - No Fault Defined for Mismatch between  
ResourceTransfer header and message body 
  -Bullen (Action-28)
-Issue-6578 RT - SideEffects applies to other faults 
  -Bullen (Action-29)
-Issue-6579 RT - Bad fragment values with Create 
  -Bullen (Action-30)
-Issue-6603 RT - Inconsistencies in CreateResponse message 
  -Bullen (Action-20)
-Issue-6632 RT - Define fault for cases where the GetResult is too  
large -Bullen  
-Issue-6633 RT - Namespaces in updates 
  -Bullen (Action-32)


-Issue-6700 Eventing: Complete Infoset description 


-Issue-7088 Transfer: Define the ws-fragment spec 
  -Davis (Action-81)


Blocked with dependancy on (issue):
-Issue-6402 WS-Eventing - define policy 
  -Davis (Action-24) (6403)
-Issue-6406 WS-MEX - define policy 
  -Davis (6403)
-Issue-6407 RT - define policy 
  -Davis (Action-25) (6403)
X-Issue 6721 All: Attaching policy to implicit operations 
  -Warr (6694)
F2F-X-Issue-6430 Eventing-Remove Attribute wse:EventSource 
  -Li (6401)
X-Issue-7127 Eventing: Can event information contained in notification  
be bound to soap:headers 
  -Rutt (6401)



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