Re: Proposal for Issue 6700

I like this approach.  Just 2 minor things...
1 - remove the word "straightword" - while it is, we don't need to say it 
:-)  So the sentence would just be:
      A mapping from XML to Infoset is as described below, ...
2 - I'm assuming this would kill off the previous resolved issue for 
Subscribe infoset, right?

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Proposal for Issue 6700

This proposal is based on the consensus between Ashok, Wu and Gil. To
complete the Infoset description for WS-Eventing, we propose to just add
the following text at the end of "Section 3.1 Notational Conventions" of
WS-Eventing, instead of following the approach taken by 6424:

This specification is defined in terms of XML Information Set (Infoset)
and not in terms of XML 1.0, even though the specification uses XML 1.0
terminology. A mapping from XML to Infoset is straightforward as
described below, and it is recommended that this should be used for any
non-XML serializations. 

XML documents map to Infoset Document Information Items.  XML Elements
map to Infoset Element Information Items (EIIs) and attributes map to
Infoset Attribute Information Items (AIIs).  The *children* property of
an Element Information Item (EII) is a collection of EIIs corresponding
to its Element Children.  The *attributes* property of an EII is a
collection of AIIs corresponding to its attributes. 

See the Infoset specification [] for
more details.

We hope this proposal can be applied to related issues 6701-6704 as
well, by adding the above text to the "Notational Conventions" section
of each corresponding spec.

Li Li

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