Re: issue 6401/6661: combined proposal

... It worth noting that this was part of the 
proposal that was originally sent in - I didn't change this sentence.


Yes, that sentence was in Gil's proposal to the WG
058.html). However, your change
tt-0061/ws-eventing-6401-6-dug2.doc) deleted the following sentences: 

Notification WSDLs contain abstract port types and concrete bindings. 
The port types contain operations that correspond to the Events that 
are transmitted. The bindings describe the Notification Formats (e.g. 
Unwrapped or Wrapped) for those Events.

Those sentences define what a Notification WSDL may contain: Events and
Notification Format. That's why I added a few words to retain the above
meaning. If we remove them completely, we lost what a Notification WSDL
can do in general. 



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