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Minutes of the 2005-11-28 teleconference Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 30 November)

TAG requests help with examples of WS-Addressing (Tuesday, 29 November)

Text to insert as section 3.1.3 David Hull (Tuesday, 29 November)

"On the Web" David Orchard (Monday, 28 November)

That URL once again David Hull (Monday, 28 November)

Delta for "proposed async text" David Hull (Monday, 28 November)

Options 1 and 3 Here we go. Yalcinalp, Umit (Monday, 28 November)

Agenda: WS-A telcon 2005-11-28 Mark Nottingham (Sunday, 27 November)

Minutes of the 2005-11-21 teleconference Mark Nottingham (Sunday, 27 November)

Question on medation useing WS-Addressing Jaliya Ekanayake (Wednesday, 23 November)

Test 1205 and the SOAP processing model Dan Diephouse (Tuesday, 22 November)

SOAP Message Exchange Patterns and Web Service Addressing Neil Hudson (Tuesday, 22 November)

Regrets for 11/21 call Francisco Curbera (Monday, 21 November)

CR10 : Refined proposal. Jonathan Marsh (Monday, 21 November)

[Fwd: Re: Proposed text for async] David Hull (Friday, 18 November)

Regrets for next Monday David Hull (Thursday, 17 November)

regrets for 21st Nov Katy Warr (Thursday, 17 November)

Boy and a Girl, regrets David Orchard (Thursday, 17 November)

Possible issue (or subissue of i059): {soap mep} property in WSDL adjuncts David Hull (Wednesday, 16 November)

Syntax options for Async Yalcinalp, Umit (Wednesday, 16 November)

Proposed text for async David Hull (Monday, 14 November)

Reference Parameters in WSDL Katy Warr (Monday, 14 November)

Agenda: WS-A telcon 2005-11-21 Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 10 November)

Minutes of the Tokyo F2F Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 10 November)

Slides for Async discussion resolution Yalcinalp, Umit (Wednesday, 9 November)

Editor's Drafts Rogers, Tony (Tuesday, 8 November)

RE: Agenda: 2005-11-07 F2F, Tokyo JP (DIAL-IN info?) Paul Knight (Monday, 7 November)

One-way SOAP 1.1 HTTP Binding using protocol MEP David Orchard (Monday, 7 November)

RE: David Orchard (Monday, 7 November)

Markup David Hull (Monday, 7 November)

Questions about Marc's issue 59 proposal David Orchard (Monday, 7 November)

Async MEP semantics David Hull (Monday, 7 November)

A suggestion for async resolution.... :o) Katy Warr (Monday, 7 November)

Proposal 4 Umit Yalcinalp (Monday, 7 November)

Async req-res: addendum to marc's proposal Anish Karmarkar (Monday, 7 November)

202 David Hull (Friday, 4 November)

Issue 59 proposal David Orchard (Friday, 4 November)

Issue 59: A use case -- out-of-phase HTTP David Hull (Thursday, 3 November)

Permanent regrets Mark Peel (Wednesday, 2 November)

Agenda: 2005-11-07 F2F, Tokyo JP Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 2 November)

Issue 59 alternate proposal Marc Hadley (Tuesday, 1 November)

Minutes of the 2005-10-31 teleconference Mark Nottingham (Tuesday, 1 November)

RE: cr9: wsa:Action for undefined faults Jonathan Marsh (Tuesday, 1 November)

Re: cr9: wsa:Action for undefined faults Marc Hadley (Tuesday, 1 November)

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