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[agenda] Web Performance WG Teleconference #121 Agenda 2013-11-06

[agenda] Web Performance WG Teleconference #121 Agenda 2013-11-20

[beacon] no limits, no retry, no batching, post only

[Beacon] Review of current spec

[Beacon] spec feedback + few suggestions

[minutes] W3C Web Performance F2F Meeting 11/14/2013 - 11/15/2013

[resource hints] preconnect, preload, prender

[ResourcePriorities] Blocking content resources on CSS properties

[ResourcePriorities] boolean attributes

[ResourcePriorities] Implement instead of adding properties to each element

[ResourcePriorities] Spec updates

[ResourcePriorities] visibility of <feImage>

Beacon and set cookie

Cancelled Web Performance WG Teleconference 2013-11-27

Issues list for Resource Timing

making page visibility a property of document instead of top level browsing context

Mini-workshop topic proposal: "What can browsers do for JS game developers?"

Navigation Error Logging spec update

sendBeacon and being synchronous

Updated Agenda for 11.15.2013 F2F Meeting

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