RE: Issues list for Resource Timing

Thanks for compiling the list Philippe! I'll review them as well.

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Yes I'll take a look this week.

On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 2:12 PM, Philippe Le Hegaret <<>> wrote:
I summarized the status of issues related to Resource Timing since June
2012 at

There a few that needs our attention since I wasn't able to find a clear
conclusion. Arvind, Jatinder, if you can have a look at those 5 issues
before the f2f, we could probably avoid spending face-to-face time on
- A resource request without a network connection (James Simonsen)
- Resource request: failure and success? (Andy Davies)
- Missing example to avoid buffer overflow? (Nic Jansma)
- Need to define "networking layer" (Boris Zbarsky)
- resourcetimingbufferfull is supposed to clear the buffer (Juan Carlos

We're already aware of the following one and will reach a conclusion at
the f2f. Note that this is related to the issue raised by Juan Carlos
(see above).
- onresourcetimingbufferfull attribute type and event listeners
(Christophe Dumez)

We pushed the following issues to resource timing level 2:
- audio and video support
- HTTP and spdy
- Web worker initiator type and resources in web worker

Do we have a test for the following?
- 304 responses (Arvind Jain)


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