Re: [ResourcePriorities] Spec updates

On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 4:09 PM, Jatinder Mann <> wrote:
> Based on feedback from the working group, I have made some updates to the
> Resource Priorities spec,
> html:
> -          Added the postpone attribute
> The use case of never downloading a resource until its viewable by the user
> seems compelling from a system resources, server resources, and user bandwidth
> (e.g., mobile user) scenarios, but it does feel functionally different from
> the lazyload concept, where in cases of network contention connections are
> given to higher priority resources. Išve added a new postpone attribute to
> describe the case where we donšt want resources to be downloaded if they
> arenšt formatted to be visible or are not in the viewport. This attribute only
> applies to resources that can be laid out.

I came across a post by Mika Tuppola on Andy Davies' blog which makes a
valid semantic point,
and apparently hasn't been put forward in this list. I'll just quote it, as
it is self explanatory:

"I have a feeling that W3C is mixing the definition of lazyload and
postpone. Lazyload is programming technique of deferring loading of an
object until it is actually needed. Definition of postpone is to cause or
arrange for something to take place at a time later than first scheduled.
Reading the Resource Priorities draft they describe lazyload as postponing
and vice versa."

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