Re: [Beacon] spec feedback + few suggestions

A couple questions about the spec:

1) In section 4.2, it talks about the Cross-origin policy.  I am wondering why there is a difference between PUT and the other verbs.  It is probably an obvious answer that I am not seeing.

2) I think we should discuss what sort of HTTP headers must be sent with the Beacon.  Suppose that we want to send the cookie header along with the beacon.  If the cookie values change between the time the beacon is sent and the time we get around to actually making the http request, is it ‘okay’ to use new value?  Maybe we can ignore all of this, and make these beacon requests “sandboxed” such that there is no cookie information sent.  Thoughts?

3) Assuming that we are going to send cookie information… Why can’t the |data| parameter of sendBeacon be null?  I don't see any reason why we'd care very much of the developer wants to send a beacon back with empty content.

4) Do we need to define BeaconHTTPMethod?  XHR has gotten away without having to define these method names.


Received on Sunday, 10 November 2013 08:35:01 UTC