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[ADTF] decision on criteria for inclusion of apps and demos

[ALL] Agenda 21 April telecon 1700 UTC

[ALL] agenda April 7 telecon

[ALL] editors draft of simple part-whole note ready for review

[ALL] straw poll faal ftf location

[ALL] Style for Group-internal Drafts (or, "How to avoid confusion with ?TR page documents")

[ODM] Summary of feedback on the ODM Revised Submission (2005-01-10 version)


[PORT] moving SKOS Core fwd

[PORT] New draft SKOS Core policy statements

[PORT] Proposed management process for SKOS Core

[PORT] Tom's comments on the spec (was RE: [PORT] moving SKOS Core fwd)

[PORT] update and actions for telecon 7/4/05

[public-swbp-wg] <none>

[SE] Agenda 12 April telecon 1700 UTC

[VM, ALL] Sketch of a new doc: Some Things That Hashless HTTP URIs Can Name

[VM] Basic Principles ... draft

[VM] PORT policy; re-booting the Vocabulary Management note

[WNET],[OEP] WordNet datamodel

[XSCD] LC comments

comment: "XML Schema Datatypes in RDF and OWL"

Comments on "Survey of RDF/Topic Maps"

Fwd: [Closed] Re: publication request: NOTE-swbp-classes-as-values

invited experts [was: Re: meeting record: 2005-04-07 SWBPD telecon]

meeting record: 2005-03-24 SWBPD telecon

meeting record: 2005-04-07 SWBPD telecon

Outcome of SE telecon on April 12 2005

RDF / Topic Maps Survey publication status [was: [ALL] Agenda 21 April telecon 1700 UTC]

RDFTM comments: Newcomb, Durusau, Biezunski

RE : [ALL] Agenda 21 April telecon 1700 UTC

RE : [ALL] agenda April 7 telecon

regrets 7th April

Review of XML Schema Datatypes in RDF and OWL

straw poll on f2f location [was: ALL] Agenda 21 April telecon 1700UTC]

SWBPD WG Resolution Regarding httpRange-14

Timezone confusion? Re: [ALL] agenda April 7 telecon

XML Schema Component Designators Review

XML Schema Datatypes in RDF and OWL is published

XQuery, XPath and XSLT Last Call

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