Re: [XSCD] LC comments

Mary Holstege wrote:

>> The question is:
>>    Some of the examples show the use of a namespace prefix in a component
>> designator, others omit the namespace prefix. Please summarize when
>> the namespace prefix is necessary, and when it can be omitted. 
>> (Related  comment #j090)
> If the xmlns() pointer is required in the syntax for full canonical
> designators in the syntax, that is an error, which we should fix:
> the intention is that it is required if there are some actual namespaces
> to bind, and we forgot about the case where there is no target namespace.
> The reason the examples in section 6 leave them out is because that schema
> has no target namespace (from which I conclude that some extended examples
> with a target namespace might be in order).
> The intention here is that we not define a URI reference that depends on
> some external context (i.e. namespace bindings) to interpret.
> Speaking only for myself.
> Cheers,
> //Mary


that looks OK, but I am not totally certain yet.

I hope some member of the XML Schema WG can find time to talk with me in 
Tokyo just to ensure that I have understood this point to the extent 
that I need to.


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