Re: [XSCD] LC comments

On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 07:27:58 -0700, Jeremy Carroll <>  

Thanks for all your comments; we'll be formulating a proper response in due
time. But in answer to your question:
> As well as the comments below, I also have a question, which I  hope for  
> a quick answer to, since I may make further comments in response:
> The question is:
>    Some of the examples show the use of a namespace prefix in a component
> designator, others omit the namespace prefix. Please summarize when
> the namespace prefix is necessary, and when it can be omitted. (Related  
> comment #j090)

If the xmlns() pointer is required in the syntax for full canonical
designators in the syntax, that is an error, which we should fix:
the intention is that it is required if there are some actual namespaces
to bind, and we forgot about the case where there is no target namespace.
The reason the examples in section 6 leave them out is because that schema
has no target namespace (from which I conclude that some extended examples
with a target namespace might be in order).

The intention here is that we not define a URI reference that depends on
some external context (i.e. namespace bindings) to interpret.

Speaking only for myself.



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