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feedback WD-webarch-20040816 (Thursday, 30 September)

[OEP] Co-co-ordinator and path forward Christopher Welty (Thursday, 30 September)

[All] f2f meeting registration form open Ralph R. Swick (Thursday, 30 September)

Telecon participation record Ralph R. Swick (Thursday, 30 September)

Agenda 30 Sep Telecon 1400 UTC David Wood (Wednesday, 29 September)

[ALL] Draft local info page for Face 2 Face Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 29 September)

[XSCH] XQuery/XSLT F&O Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 29 September)

[XSCH] Component Designators Jeremy Carroll (Tuesday, 28 September)

[OEP] F2F planning and note planning Deborah L. McGuinness (Tuesday, 28 September)

slashdot sw thread Dan Brickley (Monday, 27 September)

[VM] Telecon last Friday, 17 September Thomas Baker (Friday, 24 September)

[ALL,OEP] Call for participation CORONT Wks at EKAW2004 Aldo Gangemi (Thursday, 23 September)

[VM] [rdfweb-dev] proposals for enhancing the descriptions of foaf terms Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 22 September)

enhancing minutes of 2004-09-02 telecon; RESOLVED f2f 1-2 Nov in Bristol Ralph R. Swick (Monday, 20 September)

addendum to 2004-09-16 meeting record Ralph R. Swick (Friday, 17 September)

meeting record: 2004-09-16 SWBPD telecon Ralph R. Swick (Friday, 17 September)

[RDF-XHTML] TF update Guus Schreiber (Thursday, 16 September)

Fwd: Course material and tutorial page for SWBP WG Tom Adams (Thursday, 16 September)

Proposed minutes of SWBP&D WG 2004-09-02 (just in time...) Tom Adams (Thursday, 16 September)

regrets for 16th sept 2004 telecon Libby Miller (Thursday, 16 September)

[Fwd: Biopax (fwd)] Guus Schreiber (Thursday, 16 September)

[VM] TF Telecon Thomas Baker (Thursday, 16 September)

[VM] Guidelines for assigning identifiers to terms Thomas Baker (Thursday, 16 September)

storm outage Pat Hayes (Wednesday, 15 September)

Regrets Miles, AJ (Alistair) (Tuesday, 14 September)

[ALL] RDF Data Access, XQuery, rules Gary Ng (Tuesday, 14 September)

[ALL] Agenda 16 Sep telecon 1800UTC Guus Schreiber (Monday, 13 September)

more on the status of the OMG ontology specification (Monday, 13 September)

SWBP Community Feedback David Wood (Monday, 13 September)

[PORT] ftf goals Miles, AJ (Alistair) (Monday, 13 September)

XML 2004: SWBP XHTML/GRDDL Submission David Wood (Friday, 10 September)

Comments to Web Arch WD due 17 Sep David Wood (Friday, 10 September)

RE: Graphical notation from Representing Values note Gary Ng (Friday, 10 September)

representing probability in RDF Yoshio FUKUSHIGE (Wednesday, 8 September)

RE: [VM] Scoping Draft with questions to TF members $swbpd Uschold, Michael F (Tuesday, 7 September)

[VM] Telecon to move things forward? Thomas Baker (Tuesday, 7 September)

Re: Graphical notation from Representing Values note Alan Rector (Sunday, 5 September)

namespace versioning (Dublin Core) use case for DAWG? Dan Brickley (Friday, 3 September)

[VM] Scoping Draft with questions to TF members Thomas Baker (Thursday, 2 September)

[ALL,VM] Proposed VM note outline Thomas Baker (Thursday, 2 September)

Re: [ALL] 2nd ftf location/date poll Ralph R. Swick (Thursday, 2 September)

[PORT] Current proposals Alistair Miles (Wednesday, 1 September)

Re: Agenda Sep 2 Telecon Libby Miller (Wednesday, 1 September)

Regrets for Sep 2 telecon Andreas Harth (Wednesday, 1 September)

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