[RDF-XHTML] TF update

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Here's the update from the RDF in XHTML TF:

We held a joint telecon with the HTML WG where we discussed the issues. 
They have Last Call at the end of the month, so we working to send them 
feedback in time. We specifically focused on their proposed 
MetaInformation module for expressing metadata. The issues we discussed:

- normative reference to RDF - there is progress on this front, though 
the details are not finalized.

- completeness of RDF expression in MetaInformation module: we're 
awaiting a GRDDL transform the HTML WG has been building to extract RDF 
from MetaInformation. Also, Jeremy Caroll pointed out a few fringe cases 
where some RDF statements could not be expressed properly.

- turning clickable links into RDF statements. This issue is still on 
the table. I sent out a set of use cases. GRDDL is a partial solution, 
but not complete.

That's the status for now!


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