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Read Write Web — Monthly Open Thread — (September 2012) [via Read Write Web Community Group] Melvin Carvalho (Sunday, 30 September)

Fwd: Activity Pingback Melvin Carvalho (Sunday, 30 September)

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WebID, Trust and Banking Henry Story (Thursday, 27 September)

Media Fragments URI 1.0 (basic) is a W3C Recommendation Melvin Carvalho (Thursday, 27 September)

ISO 15926 Nathan (Thursday, 27 September)

The Venn of Social Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 26 September)

TPAC Lyon meeting for WebID, RWW & Social Web community groups Henry Story (Wednesday, 26 September)

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Folding the Trust CG into RWW CG Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 25 September)

W3C Trust Community Group Melvin Carvalho (Sunday, 23 September)

Eben Moglen mentions the RWW Melvin Carvalho (Saturday, 22 September)

deployd Melvin Carvalho (Saturday, 22 September)

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TPAC 2012 - we have a room! Henry Story (Friday, 21 September)

TPAC Plenary Wednesday - rww/ldp & webid Henry Story (Friday, 21 September)

WebID and RWW at TPAC Henry Story (Thursday, 20 September)

First Editor's Draft : Linked Data Basic Profile Melvin Carvalho (Thursday, 20 September)

Describing Stuff You Like using Turtle Kingsley Idehen (Wednesday, 19 September)

Call for Tutorials - 10th ESWC 2013 - Semantics and Big Data - May 26-30, 2013 - Montpellier, France. Fabien Gandon (Wednesday, 19 September)

New Version of JSON PATCH Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 18 September)

Re: Early Prototype -- Web App Market Melvin Carvalho (Monday, 17 September)

UNIX and the RWW Melvin Carvalho (Sunday, 16 September)

[Fwd: FYI: Suffixed media type registrations about to go forward] Nathan (Friday, 14 September)

Linked Data Adoption Challenges Poll Kingsley Idehen (Thursday, 13 September)

Fwd: Social Semantics Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 11 September)

Fwd: FInal comments on Turtle (Deadline 15 September) Melvin Carvalho (Monday, 10 September)

Survey on Community and Business Group Experience [reminder] Coralie Mercier (Wednesday, 5 September)

Fwd: Standards for Web applications on mobile devices: August 2012 updates Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 5 September)

The necessity of hypermedia RDF and an approach to achieve it Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 4 September)

Fwd: ISWC 2012 Call for Participation -- Early registration deadline approaching! Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 4 September)

Re: TAC + roles + resource access control = UAC bergi (Sunday, 2 September)

Amazon S3 support CORS Kingsley Idehen (Saturday, 1 September)

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