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Runnable suggestion of ARIA in HTML5 document conformance integration Henri Sivonen (Monday, 31 March)

ARIA and HTML5 Ian Hickson (Saturday, 29 March)

Structured HTML Precludes aria-posinset and aria-setsize? Ben 'Cerbera' Millard (Friday, 28 March)

Non-<table> grids and treegrids Henri Sivonen (Friday, 28 March)

role=group as child of role=list Henri Sivonen (Friday, 28 March)

tab and tablist parent-child reqs not reciprocal Henri Sivonen (Friday, 28 March)

HTML <select> vs. role=combobox Henri Sivonen (Friday, 28 March)

Required Child Elements Henri Sivonen (Friday, 28 March)

Processing requirement for parsing numbers Henri Sivonen (Thursday, 27 March)

Redundant attributes: irrelevant and aria-hidden Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

states and properties on role=presentation Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

role=directory Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

Comments about the Document Conformance section Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

Insufficient processing requirements for roles Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

Managed state not defined Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

Spec is devoid of processing requirements for states and properties Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

pressed vs. checked Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

must requirement at odds with general principles Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

Processing requirements for secondary and seealso missing Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

note and navigation are redundant with HTML5 <aside> and <nav> Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

role=main seems mostly redundant with HTML5 <article> Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

role=definition lacks UA processing requirements Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

contentinfo is redundant with HTML5 <footer> Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

Real sites have a disincentive to use banner as defined Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

<input type=search> and role=search Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

Re: aria-owns Henri Sivonen (Tuesday, 25 March)

Usefulness of OWL Henri Sivonen (Tuesday, 25 March)

Informative must requirement to use roles Henri Sivonen (Tuesday, 25 March)

datatype conformance and processing requirements are very vague Henri Sivonen (Tuesday, 25 March)

aria-level author requirments James Graham (Monday, 24 March)

Does the aria spec use RFC 2119 terminology? James Graham (Monday, 24 March)

aria-level authoring requirements James Graham (Monday, 24 March)

Document conformance: Integrating ARIA into HTML5 Henri Sivonen (Monday, 24 March)

aria-setsize Henri Sivonen (Monday, 24 March)

Inferrable roles inside grid Henri Sivonen (Monday, 24 March)

row as child of grid Henri Sivonen (Monday, 24 March)

aria-controls on role=progressbar Henri Sivonen (Monday, 24 March)

aria-invalid and aria-required on role=option Henri Sivonen (Monday, 24 March)

aria-level on region and subroles Henri Sivonen (Monday, 24 March)

Templateid seems dangerous to innovation and competition Henri Sivonen (Monday, 24 March)

aria-owns is complex Henri Sivonen (Monday, 24 March)

Non-use of native roles in examples Henri Sivonen (Monday, 24 March)

3.4.3 Implicit Nesting and Headings Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 23 March)

On whitespace trimming Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 23 March)

Valuenow/min/max conformance requirements and defaults Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 23 March)

Associating a tabpanel element with its associated tab Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 23 March)

Unprefixed attributes in examples Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 23 March)

Conformance requirements for relevant Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 23 March)

Describedby IDREF or IDREFS? Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 23 March)

ARIA and default values for HTML elements Jim Jewett (Wednesday, 19 March)

Re: HTML 5 integration issues Gregory J. Rosmaita (Wednesday, 12 March)

code typo Jim Jewett (Sunday, 9 March)

typo in Jim Jewett (Sunday, 9 March)

Need to create custom widgets Sailesh Panchang (Thursday, 28 February)

proposed ARIA role for math [DRAFT 1] Gregory J. Rosmaita (Wednesday, 27 February)

ARIA Intro and Primer Sailesh Panchang (Thursday, 21 February)

ARIA best practices doc Sailesh Panchang (Thursday, 21 February)

Comment on WAI-ARIA Role Neil Soiffer (Thursday, 21 February)

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