Non-use of native roles in examples

> <table role="grid">
>    <tr>
>       <td role= "columnheader">Apples</td><td role=  
> "columnheader">Oranges</td>
>    </tr>
>    <tr>
>       <td role="gridcell" aria-readonly="false">Macintosh</td><td  
> role="gridcell">Valencia</td>
>    </tr>
> </table>

I disagree with putting <td role="columnheader"> forward as a "best  

HTML has had native markup for this a decade prior to ARIA: <th  
scope="col">, and it is exactly as stylable as <td  
role="columnheader">. There should be no reason to encourage authors  
to use the wrong native semantic fixed with ARIA in this case.  
Instead, using the native semantic should be shown as a "best practice".

Henri Sivonen

Received on Monday, 24 March 2008 09:54:42 UTC