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Manage RTP and RTCP transports Shijun Sun (Saturday, 31 May)

CNAME use Emil Ivov (Saturday, 31 May)

WebIDL Interface Definition for RTCDtmfSender Jason Ausborn (Sunday, 25 May)

onerror eventhandler not added to RTCRtpSender/Receiver Anniruddh Koppal (Persistent Systems Ltd.) (Friday, 23 May)

Re: RTCRtpCapabilities "features" ? Peter Thatcher (Tuesday, 20 May)

Issue #92: readonly attributes Bernard Aboba (Tuesday, 20 May)

DTMF Acronym Jason Ausborn (Friday, 16 May)

8.1 RTCRtpUnhandled Title Jason Ausborn (Friday, 16 May)

Overview section discussion Jason Ausborn (Friday, 16 May)

WebIDL Types Discussion Jason Ausborn (Friday, 16 May)

Hangout URL for Today's CG Meeting Erik Lagerway (Thursday, 15 May)

ORTC CG Meeting Today at 10am PDT Erik Lagerway (Thursday, 15 May)

Issue 85: Updated stats Bernard Aboba (Tuesday, 13 May)

[public-ortc] <none> Jason Ausborn (Tuesday, 13 May)

Issue 84: Capabilities and Settings Bernard Aboba (Monday, 12 May)

Use case - alice multiway video sending using SVC and changing codecs Robin Raymond (Sunday, 11 May)

unicasting identically encoded information to multiple receivers Robin Raymond (Sunday, 11 May)

senders vs receivers codec selection Robin Raymond (Sunday, 11 May)

A clarification on Capabilities, Parameters, createParameters, and filterParameters. Peter Thatcher (Friday, 9 May)

Issue 82: getStats interface Bernard Aboba (Friday, 9 May)

Issue 81: Separating audio and video capabilities Bernard Aboba (Friday, 9 May)

Issue 80: filterParameters Bernard Aboba (Friday, 9 May)

Proposal-ORTC Sender / Receiver Capabilities Based Model Robin Raymond (Thursday, 8 May)

ORTC logo - donated by Hookflash Erik Lagerway (Wednesday, 7 May)

Some questions about RTCRtpEncodingParameters... Bernard Aboba (Monday, 5 May)

Exchange of "settings" versus exchange of "capabilities"/"preferences" Bernard Aboba (Monday, 5 May)

Re: ice restart ? Peter Thatcher (Monday, 5 May)

A proposal for solving non-muxed RTCP *and* ICE freezing Peter Thatcher (Saturday, 3 May)

Issue #75: Error Handling Bernard Aboba (Friday, 2 May)

Issue 76: Some NITs Bernard Aboba (Friday, 2 May)

Re: I think we need a way to configure the RTCP SSRC. Robin Raymond (Thursday, 1 May)

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